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Are you looking for a childbirth class that gives you the flexibility of learning online, but also the support and encouragement from an instructor?

A message from Molly:

Each time I facilitate this series of classes, I am reminded of the importance of discovering the "Why" for each participant.  I watch and listen as they become more confident in their choices, their ability to dialogue, and gain knowledge of the tools they have for comfort measures during birth.  

I am excited to continue to bring this Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class to families. 

Your Childbirth Class includes:

  • Mentorship from Molly Patterson, experienced EBB Instructor

  • Five weeks of online videos for you and your partner to watch together

  • Six weekly Zoom discussions with your EBB Instructor and peers

  • BONUS: Breastfeeding and newborn care videos 

When you take the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class, you will get:

Topics Covered-

In this class, we focus on comfort, evidence, and advocacy.

These are some of the the topics we will cover that will help you and your birth partner prepare for birth!

  • How your Partner can be your Advocate

  • Evidence Based Care

  • Overcoming Fears and Anxieties

  • Comfort Measures

  • Stages of Labor

  • Communicating tools

  • Know your Rights

  • Interventions

  • Labor Rehearsal

  • Postpartum Discussion

  • Newborn Procedures

"Molly was so energetic and a wealth of knowledge. We always looked forward to our weekly meeting with her and the group. She did a wonderful job leading the group, adding additional information from her own personal experiences, and making everyone feel welcome. Although we met virtually she did a wonderful job making us feel like we knew each other for years. Lastly, her knowledge and empowerment that she passed along to us are worth every penny we spent on this class. We love Molly and will miss our group meetings!"

Will I Learn how to have a Natural Birth?

Evidence Based Birth® believes that every person has their own unique path. Instead of focusing on medicated vs. unmedicated birth, we focus on giving you tools and helping you learn the evidence, so that you can be empowered to make your own decisions! We do have a strong emphasis on non-drug comfort measures, because they have no side effects and can be used by everyone, whether or not you plan to use medications.

At the end of this class, my goal is that you have the ability to communicate your goals and expectations for your birth experience to the collaborative team working to support you. Being heard, respected and empowered in your choices.

Class Format: Both Virtual and In-Person Formats are now available!

Virtual format with online learning and weekly zoom call discussion. 

  • First Zoom Call: 2 hours: Introductions, getting you set up on your weekly learning, introduction to birth timeline, and discussion of online Orientation material. .

  • Weeks 2 - 5 Zoom calls: 1 hour and will be a discussion of that weeks videos and practice time.

  • Week 6 - Our final Class- 2 hours: Discussion of online material and a practical walk-through of the birth timeline.  We will also spend quality time talking about postpartum wellness, newborn care and finding resources to support the family.  

  • Special note: Accelerated Class format are a set 4 wk format zoom calls ,with each class 2 hours in length.

In-Person/Hybrid Format with online learning, in-person class and zoom calls

  • First Class: 2 hours: In-person. Introductions, getting you set up on your weekly learning, introduction to birth timeline, and discussion of online Orientation material.

  • Weeks 2-5: 1 hour discussions of that current week's video material and practice time. These will be virtual/zoom call format with you joining from the comfort of your home!

  • Week 6: Our Final Class: 2 hours: In-person. Discussion of online material and a practical walk-through of the birth timeline.  We will also spend quality time talking about postpartum wellness, newborn care and finding resources to support the family.   

Tickets and Pricing:

Registration includes the in-person classes, weekly Zoom video chats with your Instructor, access to your lessons online at the Evidence Based Birth® Academy, a PDF library, 3 month access to the online portion, and an opportunity to connect again for a reunion “birth story” class.

Registration: $225.00

Registration includes both the pregnant parent and their chosen support person. 

Also available at Registration:

  • EBB Childbirth Class Hard copy workbook: $40

  • hour private Birth Plan Session: $45

Additional resources:

  • 3 months extension access to EBB online Material portal: $20

  • Infant Massage Parent Classes:  This is a 4 week in-person or virtual series in group or private format : $175.

  • Private Birth Coaching Calls : $45/hour - This support is perfect for partners and families who do not have in-person access to doulas in their area. It covers support during prenatal, through first wave until your little one is born. Throughout this time, I provide texting and phone support. I can also provide virtual support. This package is perfect for those who simply need the space to process what matters for their experience and prepare as they create their team.


Refund Policy: Your payment reserves a spot in the class and is non-refundable, but tickets are transferable with adequate notice and approval from Molly Patterson.

  • I am a birth professional (doula, childbirth educator, physician, etc) who wants to audit your Childbirth Class: Great! Limited seats may be available for audit, fee applies. Email me at to inquire

  • Do you offer other payment options: Yes! Please mail to discuss options:

  • Prefer to book a private class? Email me at to discuss availability.

  • I have a Doula/additional Support Person and would like her to be part of my class: Our last class is a Labor Rehearsal Class. 1 additional support person can be brought as a guest to this class!

Upcoming In-person/Hybrid Series: Bend OR
August 2024 Start Dates: 
Monday, August 2: 6 wk Series*: 6:15-8:15pm.
*1st and final class in-person; Classes 2-5 in virtual zoom format
In-Person Location: Pangea Chiropractic: 409 E Greenwood, Bend OR

Upcoming Virtual - Online Format Classes: 
July 2024 Start Dates:  
Wed., July 24, 6 wk Series: First Zoom: Wed. July 24: 6-8 pm PST
August 2024 Start Dates:
Tue., Aug. 6, 4 wk Accelerated Series*: First Zoom: Tue. July 9: 6-8 pm PST
* Accelerated class format.  Calls are 2 hours, covering  6 weeks of material in 4 weeks

 September 2024 Start Dates: 
Tuesday, Sept. 3, 6 wk Series: First Zoom: Tue. Sept. 3: 6-8 pm PST 
Wednesday, Sept. 11, 6 wk Series: First Zoom: Wed., Sept. 11: 6-8 pm PST

“I really appreciated how informative it was. I knew a lot about the biology of birth and babies, but what we learned was just very impressive. It was a really good experience—fairly chill, fairly laid-back, and not nearly as stressful and awkward as I thought it might be. All the information—I never would’ve thought there was that much information out there!”
EBB_Savvy_101 copy.jpg

Savvy Birth Class for Parents
Are you anxious about your upcoming birth? The Savvy Birth Workshop for parents was developed by Evidence Based Birth® to give you and your partner the confidence and know-how you need to have a more positive, empowering experience in the birthing room.


Unlike other childbirth classes, we will help you avoid the typical assembly-line care with five virtual “tickets!”  These “tickets” are your secret advantage to coping with the unknowns of birth!  At the workshop you’ll find out how you can use these tickets in the hospital or wherever you intend to give birth!  We believe that the knowledge you will gain from the Savvy Birth Workshop will leave you and your partner inspired, hopeful, and excited about the upcoming birth of your baby and ready to approach the big day with a savvy swing in your step!


Learning Objectives covered in this Class:      

  1. Define evidence-based care and discuss the difference between evidence-based care and routine care

  2. Describe how the power system works in most hospital labor and delivery units

  3. Discuss ways to create a team-based atmosphere in the birthing room, so that you and your partner can get evidence-based, family-centered care


These Savvy Birth Parents Classes are  taught by Molly Patterson, CLD, Evidence Based Birth® Instructor.

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