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Postpartum Support


"I truly believe having Molly as my PPD helped stave off postpartum depression and I was able to adjust better and more healthfully as a result. It was an amazing decision. The only thing I would change next time is to have used her as a birth doula as well." Elizabeth

What do I do as a Doula?

As a postpartum Doula I provide non-medical physical and emotional support and household assistance after the birth of your family. My goal is to help you with self-care recovery measures, help organize and optimize your home tools and environment, and connect you with area resources for community and support.  

Postpartum Readiness Consultation


This is an opportunity to discuss and prepare for after your birth, before baby is born.  During the consultation we will discuss your goals, vision and support needs.  We will come up with a plan of action for you and discuss resources for support including Postpartum Doula support.  We will talk about how best to practice self-care for you and your family.  We will also walk through your home and talk about practical tips and ideas for setting up areas for you related to self-care and newborn care.  The goal of these consultations is to release any stressors that may be present related to your postpartum experience.  

*Fees for these consultations are based on a $40 per hour service.  

* Sessions are set at a 2 hour minimum to allow time for discussion and hands-on work

Day Support

Support can include ( support can vary depending on client goals for postpartum experience):

  • Assistance with errands and shopping

  • Assistance with meal preparation

  • Support with infant care-

  • Breastfeeding resources, infant bathing, sleep support, comfort measures for baby as needed, support with transitioning to a bottle if this is/or becomes an option for Client.

  • Resources for ongoing support and education

  • Assistance in organizing household areas to optimize care of infant(s) and parents.  

  • Doula can provide newborn care so that parents are able to have rest/self-care time. 

  • Assistance in developing a postpartum plan to target goals and support. This can be done prior to birth, and can provide others who may want to assist you (friends and family) a better idea of your needs. Knowing these specific goals will also enable your Doula to focus on the areas that best support you and your family.

  •  Assistance with light housekeeping, which may include: newborn laundry, household organization, straightening up of overall home, and bottle preparation.  

What is a Postpartum Doula?_edited

Overnight Support


Overnight support allows Parents to sleep in-between breastfeeding/feeding times, knowing that your little one is cared for. If Mother is exclusively breastfeeding, baby will be brought in to her when it is time to feed.  Doula will come get baby when done so that Mom can quickly get back to sleep. Overnight support can be set in 6 to 8 hour sessions.  

  • Fees for Overnight are also based on a $40 per hour ($45 for multiples) agreement. 

Exclusions to Practice:

As a Postpartum Doula, I do not:

* Diagnose medical conditions in the mother or baby, but will refer you to a health care provider when appropriate;

* Advance you money for groceries. I will ask for cash to make purchases on your behalf, and will provide you with receipts for any errands that I am asked to assist you with.

* Housekeeping services that would normally be provided by a cleaning service. I can provide you with resources if this is a need.

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