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What is Trauma Informed Support

What is Trauma Informed Support?

First let’s talk about what trauma is:  When a disturbing event overwhelms your ability to cope or leaves an imprint on the memory of the event that disrupts your ability to move forward.  


Because each person’s experience with trauma is specific to that person, Trauma Informed Support will look different for each unique Client.  We will talk through personal goals for support and evaluate how best to bring support that best fits the Client.  


We will create a plan of action for support that lets you take the lead in your process.  If at any point during the support, we feel that addition resources are needed, we will connect with those resources and I will follow up to make sure that it is a good fit.  


What does Support look like:

  • We start with a short call (15-30 min) to discuss goals and to clarify a plan of action for going forward.  There is no charge for this call.  If at the end of the call, Client feels this is a good fit, Provider will send a formal support agreement document.  

  • We will set up a zoom link for sessions. All sessions booked ahead will have the same zoom link.   Clients who are local can choose zoom on in-person sessions.  There is no extra fee amount for local in-person sessions.  

  • Sessions are a 1 hour time frame with the option to extend in 15 min increments.  Clients have the option to book several sessions ahead of time, but will be expected to pay for those session when they booked to secure the time/date.  

  • At the end of each session, we will talk will do a “check in” to see how you are feeling and create a plan for what’s next.  As much as possible, the goal is for the your voice to lead in this process. My goal is to be present, to listen, affirm, support and provide any accountability that Client feels will best assist them going forward. 


Sessions are booked at $45.00/hour.  

  • If a session goes past 1 hour, Client will be charged in 15 min increments.  

  • Clients understand and acknowledge that 24 hour notice of cancelation is expected.  Payment for sessions that are not canceled with 24 hour notice are nonrefundable.

  • Sessions canceled can be rebooked if there are openings in Provider schedule that allow for change.  

** Disclaimer:  I am not a trained Therapist.  I will not prescribe or give advice on any Medical approach to support.

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