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Surrogacy Doula Services

Postpartum Services for Intended Parents

Surrogacy is a unique opportunity for Doulas to come along side a family.  Many times it involves travel for the family from other states or countries.  It’s an opportunity to support with the practical side of living in another state, and the logistical as well as emotional challenges that happen in this kind of birth journey.


When supporting a family through surrogacy, I not only come along side postpartum, but have also been able to help prior to birth.  I am able to travel to the city where baby is born and provide advance support with home set-up as well and locating resources within the community for the family.  I add my years of experience supporting families to my “live-in” Postpartum Doula support services. Every family I come along side receives the focused attention that will help them through those first few weeks of life as a family. 


Many intended parents enjoy the feeling of peace and joy knowing that there is a professional hired to support their

journey before the birth, during the birth, and the transition

into life as a family after the birth of their baby.

My husband and I were taking shifts during the night and were still feeling exhausted caring for a newborn’s needs. Molly began coming over one night a week to stay overnight so that my husband and I could sleep through the night in the same bed. She truly is a “baby whisperer” she taught us how to swaddle him up in the co-sleeper and under her care, he only woke up once that night. Laura

With Surrogacy a growing option for many families and individuals, there is a growing trend for doulas for surrogacy!


Surrogacy support can include:

Pregnancy support - Support can begin as soon as a Family needs with preparation and ideas that will empower and help with the details long before baby is born.  We do this via phone, e-mail, video chat as well as personal contact whenever possible or requested. 

Onsite location preparation support - Helping families get their temporary home ready for baby in a way that is easy and practical for the time frame that they will be on there.  I can act as an “advance team” by traveling to location early and preparing their temporary home for family and baby.  

Childbirth Education - Helping families know what the journey of birth looks like so that they are able to engage the birth of their child from a place of confidence.

Travel support - This includes help brainstorming on what to bring and what to leave at home when traveling to and from location of birth.  Knowing what to bring can elevate stress and enable a family feel prepared but not overwhelmed.  

Live-in Support - I have the unique ability to travel anywhere and provide live-in Postpartum support for families as well as travel with them if needed to help with any transitional needs that they may have. 

Postpartum Readiness

  • How do you change a diaper?  

  • How do you give a baby a bath?  

  • What is the best way to swaddle a baby?  

  • What kind of baby carrier works best for you?  

  • Rocking, feeding?  Breastmilk or Formula?  

  • Where do we want baby to sleep and how to we help baby sleep without stress and trauma to everyone?  

  • How do I take a baby to the store?

  • Where is the “me time” in all of this?


These are great questions and we talk through them all in my Postpartum Readiness sessions. 










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Childbirth Educator


“Thanks to Molly’s love, encouragement, and skills I had a truly amazing birth”. Linda R.

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