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Welcome to the advernture of birth, postpartum and beyond!  Surrogacy is filled with hope and the answer to a hearts wish for many parents.  I am thrilled and honored to come along side families as they grow and welcome their new little ones.  

Prepartation for baby
Support can begin as soon as a Family needs, with preparation and ideas that will empower and help with the details long before baby is born.  We do this via phone, e-mail, video chat as well as personal contact whenever possible or requested.
Childbirth Education: Helping families know what the journey of birth looks like so that they are able to engage the birth of their child from a place of confidence. Support can also include help with birth as well as postpartum planning and preparation for hospital stay with baby after birth.  
Postpartum Readiness
How do you change a diaper?  
How do you give a baby a bath?  
What is the best way to swaddle a baby?  
What kind of baby carrier works best for you?  
Rocking, feeding?  Breastmilk or Formula?  
Where do we want baby to sleep and how to we help baby sleep without stress and trauma to everyone?  
How do I take a baby to the store?
Where is the “me time” in all of this?
These are great questions and we talk through them all in my Postpartum Readiness sessions.



Travel Support

Travel support - This includes help brainstorming on what to bring and what to leave at home when traveling to and from location of birth.  Knowing what to bring can elevate stress and enable a family feel prepared but not overwhelmed. 


Onsite location preparation support - Helping families get their temporary home ready for baby in a way that is easy and practical for the time frame that they will be on there.  I can act as an “advance team” by traveling to location early and preparing their temporary home for family and baby.


Live-in Support

Live-in Support - I have the unique ability to travel anywhere and provide live-in Postpartum support for families as well as travel with them if needed to help with any transitional needs that they may have. 


Live-in support packages are tailored to meet the unique goals of each famlily.



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